Ace of Escape - Tucson Escape Room

The escape room experience

Located in Tucson, AZ our escape rooms are fun and intense events built around teamwork and problem solving.

Search for Clues

Clues, codes, and keys are hidden all throughout the room. Be quick, yet thorough for your best chance of a successful escape.

Solve the Puzzles

Use the clues, codes, and your wit to figure out the puzzles and riddles. Work with your team, communicate and be creative together.

Find the Keys

Find the final key by using 3 or less hints and before time runs out. You'll find the key to escape. Escape or not, you will enjoy this challenging experience.

The Escape Room Concept

Escape Rooms are a live experience where groups of two or more are locked in a seemingly normal room or series of rooms. Participants are challenged to use their knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills in a collaborative setting.

Participants race against the clock to find hidden clues, solve all the puzzles, and unlock the final key to escape. Whether you escape or fail, at Ace of Escape, your group will leave smiling and wanting to do more!

Tucson Location
  • 48 N Tucson Blvd Ste 101 | Tucson, AZ
  • Easy access and on-site parking
  • Near downtown, 4th Ave, & U of A

Private Groups

Our escape rooms are perfect for team building events for employees, families, wedding parties, friends, and other groups.

We can arrange a private room or multiple rooms during the day or evening of your choosing. Let Ace of Escape give your team a memorable experience. Check out our private bookings page for more information.

Rooms for Ages 6 to 12

Kids love our escape rooms too! From time to time, we offer an escape room experience tailored for children ages 6 to 12. These are fun rooms built around developmental skills like math.

Visit our Kids Escape Room Booking Page to see event schedules. Adults must stay on location and can watch via our video monitoring system.

Our current escape rooms

We offer three ecape rooms for groups of 2 to 10 people ranging from easy to difficult. Escape rooms are changed out monthly so be sure to check back often.

beat the clock

$25per person
  •   60 minute experience
  •   2 to 6 people
  • 12 locks
  • 3 hints
  •  60% Completion Rate

International Thief

  •   60 minute experience
  •   2 to 8 people
  • 14 locks
  • 3 hints
  •  50% Completion Rate

the game room

$25per person
  •   75 minute experience
  •   2 to 10 people
  •   14 locks
  • 3 to 5 hints
  •  40% Completion Rate

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